Nurturing with Ihsan

Embracing Natural Parenting through Quranic Wisdom and the Sunnah

Welcome to Lil Mu'mins Nurturing with Ihsan page, where we embark on a beautiful journey of conscious and natural parenting, inspired by the profound teachings of the Quran and Sunnah (traditions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

In today's fast-paced world, the spread of globalisation has brought about profound changes in family dynamics, leading to the vanishing of the traditional "village" that once provided support and guidance to parents. As the pressures of modern life intensify, parents find themselves navigating the complexities of raising children with increased responsibilities and limited support.

At Lil Mu'mins, we recognize the significance of natural parenting - an approach that acknowledges the importance of holistic well-being for both children and parents. Our platform offers support in the form of recipes that nourish the body and soul, sensory toys that engage young minds, products that make life a little bit easier without a village and self-care suggestions to rejuvenate parents along their parenting journey.

Drawing inspiration from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who exemplified kindness, patience, and compassion with children, we seek to revive the spirit of the village within our community. As we come together, we offer a virtual village - a supportive space where parents can find understanding, encouragement, and helpful resources.

May our efforts to nurture with Ihsan be a means of drawing closer to Allah, and may our children grow to be righteous, compassionate individuals who embody the essence of Ihsan in every facet of their lives.

Join us on this journey of mindful and nurturing parenting, as we navigate the challenges of modernity and rediscover the beauty of raising our children with love, wisdom, and Ihsan.


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